Buy 1000 credits for only $8!

Buy 1000 credits for only $8!

Entrecard credits do have a value!

You can trade them for advertising.

You can advertise in up to 500 new blogs, or spread them out between new ones and older more established Entrecard blogs.

Buying credits is like an investment.

You pay some money now, take that money and invest into an Entrecard marketing campaign. Take a second and think about it. With a thousand credits you can bring in a thousand visitors to your blog. With about 200 credits you can bring in about 200 visitors. Just see here.

A thousand visits can be converted to more credits for you! Spending the credits for advertising will attract more visitors…and yes more droppers. If every visitor drops, then you can potentially make more credits than you actually spent!

Increasing Traffic to Your Blog With Entrecard

More visitors means potentially more readers, more RSS subscribes and more reach for you!

The high traffic volume from Entrecard can really help your Alexa Ranking…a higher Alexa Ranking means that you can charge more when reviewing a product or a service.

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Buy 1000 credits for only $8!

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